Evaluation - Marks and Self-Tracking Work

Tracking Page

Use this Google Docs page from anywhere on the internet to keep track of work completed and still to be done. Share with your parents but do not share with outside students. Only change what is under you own name.

Tracking Sheets - Keep track of Your work

1. Tracking Sheet
2. Click on Documents
3. Put in the proper CODE to match the work you have done
4. Check this sheet when you go home to do homework OR when you arrive at class the next day

Marks (by student Number)

Marks Term 1

Please note:

Your marks are private. Do NOT share your student number or marks with anyone. If you have questions about your mark, please see the teacher individually AFTER SCHOOL. Do NOT see the teacher about missing work unless you have found a MARKED copy of the missing work by the teacher.

None of these courses will have grade on the report card; comments only. These grades are just a guide about how you are doing.

Only credit courses can have grades.
This would be your SPMA9 and elective courses in 1.1 or Emath10 that have grades on the report card